Course Objective:-

  • In-depth knowledge of .Net Frameworks
  • Understanding of C# Fundamentals
  • Knowledge of ASP.Net
  • Complete understanding of ADO .Net
  • Every student develop a project in .Net for better understanding of concepts

Who should go for this course: - Any student who want to make a career in software development can do this course

Prerequisite: - There is no prerequisite for this course

J2SE & J2EE Training - Daily (2 Hours)
Fast Track Class(4-6 Hours)
Weekend class(Saturday & Sunday)

Course Objectives

To understand .Net, C#,ASP.NET

To learn .Net Framework

To develop database applications using ADO.Net

To develop web application with ASP.Net

1. Introduction to .NET Framework

1.1. What is .NET

1.2. .NET Framework

1.3. Comparison between J2EE and .NET

2. Introduction to C#

2.1. Getting started with C#

  • Understand the basic structure of a C# program.
  • Obtain a basic familiarization of what a "Namespace" is.
  • Obtain a basic understanding of what a Class is.
  • Understand what a Main method does.
  • Learn about console input/output (I/O).
  • Learn how to obtain command-line input.

2.2. Operators, Types, and Variables

  • Understand what a variable is.
  • Get an introduction to C# operators.
  • Familiarization with C# built-in types.
  • Learn how to use Arrays.

2.3. Control Statements

  • Learn the if statements.
  • Learn the switch statement.
  • Understand use of break in switch statements.
  • Understand proper use of the goto statement.

2.4. Control Statements – Loops

  • Learn how to use the while loop.
  • Learn how to use the do loop.
  • Learn how to use the for loop.
  • Learn how to use the foreach loop.
  • Complete your knowledge of the break statement.
  • Teach you how to use the continue statement.

2.5. Methods and Functions

  • Learn the structure of a method.
  • Know the difference between static and instance methods.
  • Understand instantiate objects.
  • Learn how to call methods of an instantiated object.

2.6. Constructor Destructor

  • Implement Constructors.
  • Know the difference between instance and static members.
  • Understand Destructors.
  • Familiarization with Class Members

2.7. Class Inheritance

  • Implement Base Classes.
  • Implement Derived Classes.
  • Initialize Base Classes from Derived Classes.
  • Understand How to Call Base Class Members.
  • Learn Abstract Classes and sealed Classes

2.8. Polymorphism

  • Understand What Polymorphism Is.
  • Implement a Virtual Method.
  • Override a Virtual Method.
  • Use Polymorphism in a Program.

2.9. Interface

  • Define an Interface.
  • Learn how to use an Interface.
  • Implement Interface Inheritance.

2.10. Introduction to Exception Handling

  • Learn what an exception is
  • Implement a routine with a try/catch block
  • Release resources in a finally block

2.11. Enums

  • Learn what an enum is
  • Be able to create new enum types
  • Learn how to use enums
  • Gain familiarity with System.Enum type methods

2.12. Overloading Operators

  • Understand what operator overloading is
  • Determine when it is appropriate to overload an operator
  • Learn how to overload an operator
  • Familiarize yourself with rules for operator overloading

2.13. Encapsulation

  • Understand the object-oriented principle of Encapsulation.
  • Learn the available modifiers for type members.
  • Control access to methods.
  • Protect object state through properties.
  • Learn how to modify types for assembly encapsulation

2.14. File Input and Output

  • Implementing file input and output operation
  • Implementing reading and writing in text file
  • Implementing reading and writing in binary files

2.15. Creating multithreaded application

  • Implementing Threading
  • Implement thread life cycle
  • Implementing multithreading
  • Identifying the thread priority
  • Identifying communication between processes

2.16. Introduction to Delegates and Events

  • Understand What a Delegate Is
  • Understand What an Event Is
  • Implement Delegates

3. Introduction to ASP.NET

3.1. Asp.net introduction

  • Understand difference Between ASP and ASP.NET
  • Architecture
  • Learn Inline Technique & Code-Behind Technique
  • Code Render Blocks
  • Server Controls
  • Understand Page Basics, Page lifecycle
  • Post back Request
  • View State, Directives

3.2. Programming with server controls

  • Html Server Controls
  • Basic Web Controls
  • Web Server Controls
  • List Controls, Data Controls
  • Adv Controls, User Controls

3.3. Custom control development

3.4. Themes and skins

3.5. Masterpages and site navigation

3.6. Ado.net programming

  • Architecture
  • DataReaders and DataSets
  • Transaction Programming
  • Command Object
  • Procedure Execution
  • Data Adapter and Data Set
  • Data Tables
  • Data Views
  • Data Relation
  • Updating Dataset

3.7. Ado.net and asp.net

  • Working with Data Controls
  • GridView
  • Inserting, Updating, Deleting
  • Sorting in Data Grid
  • Paging in Data Grid
  • DataSource Controls
  • Dataset
  • DetailsView
  • Data List
  • FormView
  • Repeater Control
  • Crystal Reports

3.8. Security

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Windows Authentications
  • Forms Authentications
  • Passport Authentications
  • Memberships

4. One Live Project

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